Skylink Auto

Established with business owners in mind

Established in 2015

As a business owner, we believe that all businesses should have the most honest and accurate information to make the right business decision. And that’s why we are constantly building a team of consultants with solid integrity.

Financing supposed to be the least concerns when acquiring and expanding our fleet of vehicles to support our operational needs. Therefore, we want to constantly build new strategic partnership with reliable industrial players to provide you the most flexible financing scheme available in the market.

Having work with hundreds of companies, we know that the business landscape is increasingly competitive. Therefore, we believe that speed of order fulfilment is more importance than before. And we believe that our operation team should live up to the high delivery protocol set to aid in your business needs.

To adapt to the market and stand out from other market players, the needs of your business are always changing. We know that, and we believe in building a professional team that not only can take the load off your shoulders, but also to deliver a customised service tailored to your unique business needs.

At Skylink Auto, we want to build a fulfilling relationship with all our business partners. Our existence should create a positive impact to their business needs, including yours.

  • Mission

    To continuously provide professional bespoke solutions for commercial vehicle users

  • Vision

    To be the most successful and respected automotive company in Singapore

Our Core Value

  • Positive

    Overcoming all adversity

  • Active

    Looking out for client’s needs

  • Determine

    To get the best deal possible

  • Integrity

    Serve with honesty

  • Professionalism

    Maintaining the highest standard

  • Gratitude

    Giving back to society

Available Vehicle Brands

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